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Four Essential Things to Know about Food and Beverage Traceability

by Epicor Software

For many manufacturers, traceability is a valiant goal. But, for food and beverage producers, it’s a critical requirement. No one wants to put a single person at risk, let alone tens or hundreds. Yet, incidents of foodborne illnesses show up in the news every day. Amid demands for more stringent food safety and legislative mandates for “farm-to-fork traceability,” food and beverage manufacturers struggle to adequately track ingredients, materials, and end-products from origin to customer. As a food or beverage manufacturer, part of your job is to help prevent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.

Today, it’s not enough to know who you purchased your raw materials from and what the next stop is for your product. Manufacturers must arm themselves with the right tools, processes, and insight to uncover and report every element along the supply chain—from origin, all the way to the shelf or plate. And, the cost of all this insight can’t be a barrier to enterprise financial success.

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February/March 2015

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