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From: Food Quality & Safety magazine, October/November 2013

New Products

Traceability Server

Information Repository & Intelligence Server (IRIS) is an event-driven traceability server that provides organizations complete visibility across the life cycle of a product. Combining Frequentz’s data traceability technology with IBM’s InfoSphere Traceability Server, IRIS can track, trace, and store all information around product development and supply chain logistics in a central, serialized data repository. Whether leveraging the technology for the purposes of gaining greater visibility, tracking food from farm-to-fork, or reducing risk of exposure, IRIS can provide real-time access to the complete life history and quality assurance of a product. Frequentz, 650-397-2550,

Boot Washing Equipment

Boot Washing Equipment

MBW boot scrubbing and sanitizing machines sanitize employees’ rubber boots by continuously applying strong sanitizing solution through a series of high-pressure nozzle jets onto continuously rotating brushes. The MBW series of machines clean boots at plant entrances and provides cross contamination control between processing operations. Brushes can easily be removed for quick cleaning or replacement. Systems can be customized for specific applications. Meritech, Inc., 800-932-7707,

Pathogen Detection Technology

The 3M Petrifilm Salmonella Express System, provides detection and biochemical confirmation of Salmonella in enriched food and food process environmental samples, including dairy, fruits and vegetables, raw meat, seafood, and pet food, and results are available in as little as 44 hours.

Also available is the 3M Molecular Detection Assay Listeria monocytogenes. This is the fourth test available for 3M Molecular Detection System, which provides simple testing for pathogens in a variety of food matrices. 3M Food Safety, 888-364-3577,

Detectable Brooms and Brushes

Made from Detectamet’s plastic polymer, the range of brush products are completely detectable from the bristles to the top of the handles. The initial designs are made in food-contrast-blue with white handles. Options include choice of sweeping brush heads with an adjustable socket capable of holding handles from 18 mm to 25 mm in diameter. Various hand brushes are available for scrubbing surfaces, dishes, pots, containers, tubes, and bottles. Detectamet Ltd., +44-(0)-1759-304-200,

Onsite Animal Feed Analysis

The handheld microPHAZIR AG analyzer allows farm feed manufacturers to perform onsite analysis to test ingredients and finished feeds to optimize nutrient formulations. Designed to help identify out-of-specification ingredients before introducing them into the production process, the analyzer is pre-calibrated with INGOT calibration for feed ingredients—providing analysis of protein, moisture, oil, ash, fiber, starch, and other parameters as well. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 800-678-5599,

Whole Room Sanitization

Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) Certified technology provides food and beverage producers with an environmentally sustainable system for controlling surface and airborne pathogens. Using ambient air to generate ozone and water to produce non-condensing humidity, AOS Certified technology fills the atmosphere with a sanitizing vapor that goes deep into every corner, rapidly penetrating hidden areas in equipment, drains, air conditioning vents, and fabrics. The vapor then fully dissipates, leaving no condensation or residue, making it effective even in dry environments. Dow Microbial Control, 800-447-4369,

Real-Time PCR Detection

Real-Time PCR Detection

The iQ-Check Prep automation system enables walk-away automation of DNA extraction and PCR plate setup. It runs up to four different iQ-Check assays simultaneously and performs 500 tests in one 8-hour shift. The system improves traceability with barcodes and LIMS integration; provides real-time monitoring of each pipet step with liquid level sensing; and uses internationally validated protocols. Air-displacement pipetting eliminates vacuum pumps and liquid waste.

In addition, Bio-Rad has released its KnowItAll Informatics System 2013 spectroscopy software, offering solutions for spectral analysis, identification, search, data management, and reporting. It supports multiple instrument vendor file formats and techniques. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. 510-724-7000,

Water Sorption

Water Sorption

The new version of the Aquadyne DVS instrument measures the amount of water vapor a sample can adsorb and the rate at which it is adsorbed and desorbed. This is accomplished by gravimetrically monitoring the process while precisely controlling the amount of water in a flowing stream of nonreactive gas; a technique referred to as Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS). The instrument uses precision microbalances in a temperature-controlled housing, which enables the measurement of miniscule changes in weight in the microgram range. Quantachrome Instruments 800-989-2476,

Meat Species Identification

NeoSEEK meat species identification service detects adulteration at levels of 0.1 percent or 1 percent of mislabeled horse, pig, poultry, beef, or sheep meat. Precise quantitative results that show the percentage of adulterant in a meat sample are also available. Results are available within 48 hours of sample receipt at Neogen’s facilities in Lincoln, Neb. Identification tests include F.A.S.T. (Food Analyte Screening Tests), which are immunostick assays that provide visual results in about 30 minutes. NeoSEEK utilizes a DNA based assay featuring specialized PCR technology. Neogen Corp., 800-234-5333,

Cleaning Program

Advantis FC Cleaning Program is a high-foaming, chlorinated alkaline cleaner specially formulated for use with reduced temperature water. Advantis FC provides food and protein processing facilities with ideal cleaning performance against protein and fat soils on stain­less steel processing equipment and plant environmental surfaces. It cleans protein and fat soils at temperatures as low as 105 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The program improves cleaning performance in plants that cannot achieve or maintain high water temperatures throughout the sanitation shift. Ecolab, 651-293-2233,



The Microfuge 20 and 20R compact instruments meet the specific requirements of various research applications. Processes include nucleic acid and protein preparation; pelleting, extractions, purifications, concentrations, phase separations and receptor binding; and rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, particulates, and cell debris. Allows entry and recall of up to 10 user-defined programs. Samples can be processed at speeds up to 15,000 rpm in the Microfuge 20 and in the 20R, a refrigerated version with a temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, 800-742-2345,



In Other Product News

  • Life Technologies Corp. partners with PIKA Weihenstephan to provide molecular testing solutions for detection of spoilage organisms in the brewing and beverage market.
  • Mérieux NutriSciences, through its Swift Silliker subsidiary, launches a new chemistry laboratory in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Two rapid diagnostic tests from Hygiena for detecting coliform and E. coli receive Performance Tested Method Validation from AOAC Research Institute.
  • MODULAR’s PlantFloorCertified program allows IT and plant management to select standard computing solutions for their plant floor—regardless of harsh environment operating concerns.
  • Cherney Microbiological Services receives approval for accreditation by A2LA for its Cheese Proficiency Testing Program.



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