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From: Food Quality & Safety magazine, August/September 2013

New Products


Tube 5.0 mL

The Eppendorf Tube 5.0 mL features a convenient snap cap for single-hand operation and a compact conical design, removing the contamination risks associated with manipulating small volumes in large tubes. Tube is designed for centrifugation up to 25,000 x g, eliminating the risk of sample loss when using rapid protocols. Protein LoBind and DNA LoBind variants of the tubes reduce sample loss by minimizing surface binding of the samples. Eppendorf North America, Inc., 800-645-3050,


Optical Sorter

The SORTEX A MultiVision is suited for var-ious dry commodity food applications. Blighted product from a range of foodstuffs can be targeted, including such mycotoxins as sclerotia from sunflower seeds, vomi-toxin from wheat, fusarium from barely, ergot from rye, and aflatoxins from peanuts. The Advanced Multivision Inspection System is a key element with its four wavelength technology (visible and infrared) and PROfile (shape) detection technology. Enhanced InGaAs camera component enables the unit to identify the subtlest of color defects. The five chute design offers maximum sort configuration flexibility, providing both re-sort and simultaneous sort on the same machine. Bühler Group,

Ractopamine Testing

Bioo Scientific’s Ractopamine Testing Services provide screening for ractopamine, a potent ß-agonist, in meat, animal tissue, milk, feed, etc. Services include extraction methods optimized for high recovery rates from a wide variety of sample types, and have reportable detection limits as low as 0.2 ppb for pork samples. Test results are available in less than one week from receipt of samples. Kits are also available for quantitative assessment of ractopamine for labs that wish to perform rapid screening in-house. Bioo Scientific Corp., 888-208-2246,

Business Intelligence Solution

TrackWise Analytics enterprise business intelligence solution helps redefine the benchmark for quality systems. It introduces real-time analytics and ad hoc reporting capabilities to the core quality management functionality of Sparta’s TrackWise product. TrackWise Analytics is released as part of TrackWise 8.5, the latest version of the enterprise quality management software. Organizations can identify emerging trends and implement proactive quality management strategies that address the cost of poor quality. The TrackWise drag-and-drop reporting and charting capabilities deliver real-time intelligence. Sparta Systems, Inc., 888-261-5948,

Managed Sanitation Program

The SanitationCheck program uses a three-pronged approach to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation: Training, Validation, and Documentation. CleanCheck trains, tests, and certifies staff on HAZCOM, GHS, and OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen standards. Food Processing Training cards reinforce training and provide a framework for adherence to the standard going forward. This process is supported by ATP validation tools. ATP swabs and meter allow sanitation managers to objectively train and assess staff cleaning operations while minimizing risk of transfer of harmful pathogens. Data can then be loaded into CompuClean CMMS to document and monitor established CCP ­limits and verify program progress. Spartan Chemical Co., 800-537-8990,

HACCP and Hygiene Program Management

HACCP and Hygiene Program Management

The MVP ICON monitors key HACCP parameters including ATP, pH, temperature, conductivity, and chemical concentration. The software dashboard serves as a control panel, providing quality assurance professionals a quick overview of key control metrics, assuring their HACCP plans and sanitation protocols are being properly executed. The dashboard offers such insights as the amount of ATP swabs used in comparison to a set target, whether failed results have been adequately recleaned and retested, and when the MVP ICON’s next calibration is due. Also features original print-and-present HACCP reports. BioControl, 800-245-0113,

X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System

The Ishida IX-GA Series X-ray inspection system can be used to check product integrity, package quality, and weight accuracy. It is capable of identifying and rejecting packages with broken or missing product pieces. System detects products caught in packaging seals and verifies that products’ weight and size meet specifications. Setup is automatic and no routine calibration is required. Machine warm-up takes only 90 seconds. Stainless steel construction conforms to HACCP. Waterproof conveyor is designed to IP66 and is removed without using tools. Heat and Control, 800 227 5980,

Microfiber Disposable Towel

The Quatguard XL is a Quat and Chlorine compatible disposable towel designed for the foodservice market. Microfiber technology adsorbs sanitizer (rather than releasing it back to the wiping area), leaving surface tops properly disinfected. Provides up to 99.9 percent bacteria removal. ITW Professional Brands, 800-242-7374,

Sliding Friction Testing

The TA-SFJ Sliding Friction Jig measures the coefficient of friction between two materials by sliding them against each other. It utilizes the Brookfield CT3 Tester to pull weight in a horizontal direction so sliding friction between the two materials is measured accurately over a distance that is sufficient to verify steady state behavior. The jig can be used to measure smoothness, slipperiness, or stickiness qualities. Brookfield Engineering, 800-628-8139,

Food-Grade Sanitizers

KEEPER Professional products are FDA-approved, fast-acting, broad-spectrum anti-microbial agents using CIO2 technology for microbial control without altering or destroying the taste, color, nutritional value, or odor of food products. They are effective against Salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter jejuni, and other pathogens in red meats, poultry, seafood, and fresh produce. They also prevent formation of biofilm. Zep Inc., 877-428-9937,

Markers for Horse Meat

AB SCIEX’s new method for detecting horse tissue present in meat samples is based on LC/MS/MS. It detects the protein markers distinct to specific meat species and confirms the presence of a particular species in a sample by direct detection. The method also enables labs to detect veterinary drug residues in the same analysis. While the method was optimized to identify horse tissue contamination in beef samples, it can also be adapted to detect peptide markers of numerous different animal types simultaneously. AB SCIEX, 800-343-1346,

Thermal Shock-Resistant Metal Detector


Thermal Shock-Resistant Metal Detector

The APEX HD washdown metal detector withstands extreme temperature cycling typically experienced in fresh food processing and sanitation environments. Validated by a third-party laboratory, detector has a projected operating life of 10 years or more in these environments. It utilizes a new case design and a proprietary aperture filling technique that gives it additional robustness and stability. The control panel also has a one-way vent allowing any trapped humidity to escape. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 800-445-3503,


Allergen Analysis & Extraction Buffers

The AgraStrip Total Milk LFD and AgraStrip b-Lactoglobulin LFD have been validated for a variety of milk products and soft drinks. Both LFDs ensure the correct labeling of products according to E.U. Directive 2007/68/EC. In addition, AgraStrip Wine extraction buffer egg and Casein both allow for the testing of low levels of egg white and milk proteins in wine samples, together with the respective AgraStrip kits for Egg and Casein. Romer Labs, 636-583-8600,

In Other Product News

Microbiologics receives ISO 13485: 2003 certification—the principal standard for manufacturers of medical products, devices, and components. In addition, the company adds a new strain of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli (STEC) to their line of ready-to-use QC ­microorganism products.

3M Food Safety’s Molecular Detection Assay for E.coli O157 (including H7) has been granted a NF Validation certification from AFNOR Certification for its ability to detect the bacteria in raw beef, fruit, vegetable, and dairy products.

Neogen’s ANSR system for Salmonella receives AFNOR validation (NF Validation by AFNOR certification NEO 35/02-0513).

Microbac Laboratories adds GC/MS/MS and LC/MS/MS instrumentation to support food pesticide residue and multi-residue pesticide analyses.

bioMérieux receives two First Action ­Official Methods of Analysis approvals from AOAC International for VIDAS UP Listeria (LPT) and VIDAS Listeria monocytogenes xpress (LMX) testing methods.



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