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From: Food Quality & Safety magazine, June/July 2013

From The Editor

Marian Zboraj

Welcome to our celebratory 20th anniversary issue! This issue marks the introduction of a few new names. Let's start with me, Marian Zboraj–the new editor. I join the magazine with over a decade's worth of editorial experience in publishing, however I'm fairly new to the food safety and quality arena. Fortunately, I've recently been able to attend two major industry events: the Global Food Safety Conference in Barcelona and the Food Safety Summit in Baltimore, both of which opened my eyes to key issues and trends in the industry. One topic on everyone's minds at both events was the "Era of Globalization." The globalization of our food supply has no doubt complicated efforts to ensure its safety and quality. Consequently, food safety has become a joint responsibility. In fact, in his keynote presentation at the Food Safety Summit, Earthbound Farms' Will Daniels, sr. vice president of operations and organic integrity, challenged everyone in the audience to make a pledge to find a common ground on Trust, Transparency, and Collaboration. This calls for industry, academia, and government agencies to develop effective ways to share information.

Food Quality & Safety will continue to do its part in reporting on important topics, which brings me to the second new name. This issue is the debut of the publication's official name change to Food Quality & Safety. For 20 years, Food Quality has indeed always encompassed safety; the new name simply puts it at the forefront to make it more apparent on what the publication is all about.

In addition to an editor and a name change, a Facebook page ( is now available so you can stay connected to the latest news and join in on discussions that interest you. The Editorial Advisory Panel has also been updated to help ensure Food Quality & Safety's content stays relevant. In fact, some of the members are featured in this issue's special cover story, sharing their thoughts on food safety's past and future.

I'm honored to be joining Food Quality & Safety at such an exciting time and I hope to continue to share valuable content to you during the magazine's next 20 years!

Marian Zboraj, Editor



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